Its that time of year for my house, when I go through all of the “storage” and purge it of items that I forgot we had or that we havent used in more than an year. I mean, I am a one-woman “Clean Sweep Team”. However, this year – I am doing a much more […]

My Love of Spray Butter.

Can I just say this one thing? That no calorie spray butter you can get ROCKS MY WORLD. If you like butter, but you are “dieting” – buy it. Now. Seriously. What are you waiting on. It has ZERO calories! And it tastes like butter. Man, I’ve been coating EVERYTHING with that stuff. It makes […]

My Folding Dining Room Table

Its been 2 years since I started living in the real world, post-college, and I am trying to be a little more classy and sophisticated. Shut UP. For example, the black lacquer bedroom set I got for 35 dollars from a couple moving to Colorado is a TAD outdated. I mean – who doesnt love […]

In the Beginning…

Random photo taken of me and D sometime in 2004 You want to know a secret? Its not really January 7th, 2004. Its really August 5th, 2004. I am simply backdating this as an effort to put some sort of introduction to this blog. Some background information – if you will. See? I did start […]