Monthly Archive: February 2004

Pink Slips and Stinky Poots 0

Pink Slips and Stinky Poots

Edited to Add: If you are under the impression that I am an intelligent writer, or an academic personality then #1) Where did you get THAT idea? and #2) Please dont read any further, I’d hate to degrade myself in your eyes. *************

‘A’ thru Zoot. 1

‘A’ thru Zoot.

Admiring amalah for her cool idea to do this and Lauren for her ability to create one herself the same day. Its taken me over a WEEK. Damn letter “G” Blaming my mood on the fuckin’ weather. I need the sun. Please? Crying over Joan of Arcadia. Every. Single. Friday. Daydreaming about having a baby. Erasing the “Excited about…” entry just here so that I can use it for “X” Freaking out over my son demonstrating his mother’s tendency to lose EVERYTHING Giving up thinking of something witty and original for “G”. “G” sucks Happy because I came up with...

Sweet 16 1

Sweet 16

July 14, 1991. I woke up early that morning. Who wouldnt? It was my 16th birthday. I was going to get my driver’s license, and then I had a date with the love of my life. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and I loved him dearly. (He and I pictured LEFT, he removed so he never has to be associated with anyone wearing blue satin. Poor guy.) Life was grand. We had been together 9 months, which was the longest I had ever dated anyone. For Christmas, he had given me an ID bracelet with my name engraved, and...

What Makes Me BITCH. A LOT. 0

What Makes Me BITCH. A LOT.

Being out of Diet Coke Deciding to screw the diet, but having nothing worth binging on, resulting in a binge of frosted mini-wheats or flavored oatmeal. Its one thing to forsake the diet for chocolate cake or McDonalds french fries, but apple cinamon oatmeal? that just doesnt make it all worth it. When Target is out of their generic bags of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Considering how Mr. Zoot eats AT LEAST 2 chicken breasts a day, sometimes 4, that is a BIG DEAL to have to buy Tyson. “Correcting” my opinion. I mean, seriously – its subjective, I...

Mr.Zoot Achieves Greatness 0

Mr.Zoot Achieves Greatness

As a child, I was prone to VERY severe headaches. I realized as an adult that they were migraines. My father did not take us to the doctor every time we were slightly short of par, physically like parents do today – so no one ever prescribed anything or told me migraine triggers. Therefore – I was left to deal with the vice grip on my skull without the use of modern medicine. Well, the best remedy was my fathers head rubs. Its funny, my mom even talks about his head rubs being the things she missed the most after...