Disaster Movies meet the Real World

1:00am this morning – Wake up to tornado sirens. Since we saw Day After Tomorrow on Saturday, my first thought is “Oh Shit. If I look out that window and see multiple tornadoes, I’m going to crap all over myself”. Look out window, no wind, no rain, and no nothing indicating bad weather. Turn on […]

Rainy Saturday

I woke up this morning kinda pumped and ready to GET. THINGS. ACCOMPLISHED. Do you do that? Wake up with your list of things to do already in place in your brain and motivated to check them all off before lunchtime? Thats how I was. I wanted to get all my chores done before lunch […]

Ah..The Joy of Pets

Isnt my floating candle bowl so pretty? See the green leaf candles? And the green stones? Ahh… I love it so. What? What did you say? You said there’s something missing? Oh – is there supposed to be WATER in there? I wondered why the candles were never floating. Jeez. Unless – wait – I […]

Friday Bullets: I Cant Hear You.

The swelling along my jaw and neck has gone down – thank GOD. Swollen neck and jaw? Does wonders for my already low self-esteem. 65 people ended up here by searching for “Maroon5″ in the last month. I love that. I’ll take the Maroon 5 fans over the person/people who keep getting here searching for […]