Monthly Archive: May 2004

Lunchtime Purchases 12

Lunchtime Purchases

No pain meds yet today. I’m supposed to check in with the Dr. if the ear is not any better by tomorrow – so I thought I might should feel the FULL effects of the pain so I can tell for sure. Yeah – It still hurts like hell. I mean – HELL. So – I thought I’d try some homeopathic solutions. On my lunch break I bought: “Similasan: Ear Wax Removal. Removes Wax, Cleans Ear” I thought – It cant hurt. My ear feels so clogged so what the hell. Well – guess what else it says on the...

Updates(Warning: UNMedicated) 12

Updates(Warning: UNMedicated)

Update on my screwed up design: So yes. One should NOT screw with designs unless she has ALL web browser packages on her computer to test them on. I know that now (after the comments to last nights reveal) But if there are any voluteers out there using something other than IE who want to tell me if it looks okay TODAY. I made some changes. If you use IE then you are seeing what I am seeing then its all copesetic (and I am not looking that word up). Oh – an for the record? As soon as I...

Shut the Hell Up 20

Shut the Hell Up

OR The Rules until my Swimmer’s Ear Heals (Or until the DRUGS kick in, but the rules are re-instated as each dose wears off) 1. No showing off in front of your friends with your piece of shit car. Since when did all the white-trash, rednecks move into my apartment complex? Yo. Shit-For-Brains! Yeah YOU in the damn Green Camaro with all the rust. Peeling out in the parking lot does not impress your friends NEAR as much as me killing you with my bare hands will. Squeal your tires or rev your engine one more DAMN time and I’ll...

Jennifer Love Hewitt is NASTY 14

Jennifer Love Hewitt is NASTY

American Idol just finished the hour long snooze-fest called the “Pre-Show”. I used that time to implement my new design or else I may have lost my freakin’ mind with all the bullshit-spacefiller. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt looks worse and worse every time I see her. There is NO doubt she becomes more of an idiot every time. Was Kelly Clarkson wearing a sequined bra under a blazer? Now THAT is what I call business casual. Who the hell decided it would be a good idea to put Kimberly Caldwell back in the limelight Jasmine still sucks ass. And...

Health Question 19

Health Question

Is there ANY nutritional value whatsoever in a lunch made of a Caramel Frappuccino and Chocolate Chip Muffin from Starbucks? Not that I would EVER consume such a meal, but IF I did, are there ANY vitamins or minerals within those items? Or even fiber? Or calcium? There’s always calcium, right? Well – I was just wondering, I’m going to go back to eating my Muffin Salad. And drinking my Caramel Frapaccino Spring Water. Okay?