Lotsa New Stuff

The Zoot household has a lot of things to be excited about. Here is a photo essay showing them all off! 1. New Parking Lot I wish I had taken pictures BEFORE the new pavement, because our parking lot was such a hazard. There were potholes that were so big, we periodically lost dogs and […]

Tool Time

I spent my Saturday watching movies on the couch. Notice how I did not add a “with MrZoot” on the end of that statement. That is because he was building a deck extension, of course. My father-in-law’s birthday was Sunday, and my mother-in-law wanted MrZoot and his brother (BroA) to build an extension on the […]

Does Blogroll Hate Me?

Why in the HELL does blogrolling only show my blog as updated like, once a month. Does anyone know? Or can you give me a URL to ping that will alert blogroll that I’ve updated? I dont understand why it does sometimes, but not others. I ping the same defaults that Movable Type allows me […]