*taps vein*

oh thank GOODNESS i can get my blogging fix in. you see, my office has a disgustingly thorough firewall and i can’t even view my own site because i host it on a non-standard port. wheee.

which means, i don’t get to blog all day from work like i used to. *snicker*

so i endlessly scour the internet looking for places to guestblog and leave my mark. *raises leg to leave mark*

aaaah. much better.

seriously, i can’t tell you how therapeutic it is just to write something down. anything. anything at all. twelve pineapples!

see, that felt good. go ahead try it. post a comment here that is completely random. anything. anything at all.

undulating umbrellas!


9 thoughts on “*taps vein*”

  1. Not thrilled with the thought of may on french fries. Mayo on a fresh tomato sandwich sounds good though. With bacon.

  2. I love brussle sprouts.


    Volvo station wagon.

    Rain slickers.

    How’s that? Also – have you heard? I cant get into MY blog at all at work anymore either. BLAH. So yeah – I feel your pain.

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