Throw Momma from the car

So last night, I call Mother to check in, and she tells me her SS check is in and she needs to have her bills paid right. now. even though they’re not due for another two weeks. (Ok, so she gets a cookie for being prompt. Whatever.) I say Ok, I already have my assignments, and she tells me Yolanda, her best friend, comes at 2 p.m. to take her out to wherever. Well, when she has me do something for her, that usually means she tells Yolanda that she’s just going to hang out with me for the day. That’s how it’s worked hundreds of times before, right? Yeah, not this time. I pick her up, and she brings her stuff down and I tell her we’re headed to the Porter County Airport, which is about 45 minutes from where we live, and as were driving, she says, “Yolanda comes to pick me up at 2.” Wait, what!?!? You didn’t tell me that last night. So I pull over on the side of the road to do her bills because they have to be done right. now. Meanwhile, I have an assignment that I have to do. (beats head on desk)

Oh. OH! And did I mention I have to go all the way to Whiting — 20 minutes away from my crib — to pick up my debit card, which I left at the Mexican place at which Greta and I ate last night!?!?!? Before I head to Gary for my second assignment!?!?! Gah.

Crabby Broad

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