Mmmm Mmmm Good

We FINALLY made it to the other side of town to use our Krispy Kreme Dollars that Janet sent. And of course, because the Krispy Kreme gods know I am a loyal follower, the “Hot Donuts Now” light was on! And of course, since all of you RAVED about the Key Lime Pie donut, I […]


Update on my Mom She just called. FROM CRACKER BARREL. Which does not usually perform arteriograms. Evidently they never got the approval from her insurance company for the procedure. So? Since she was not willing to sign away and pay for it herself (ummmm…yeah), they turned her away. My mom has SEVERE anxiety concerning any […]


Yeah. It’s 4:25 and I’m already up, showered, and sitting down to write an entry. Why? You may ask… First? My mom’s arteriogram is at 8am (EST) this morning. I want to be able to call her before she leaves for the hospital. Since I’m CST, then I need to call her about 5:45 my […]