Monthly Archive: August 2004

Yes. I would like some cheese with this Whine. Thanks. 15

Yes. I would like some cheese with this Whine. Thanks.

May I use this forum to just WHINE a bit? I’m freezing my ASS off. It’s 90 freakin’ degrees outside, but my office is like a damn meat locker. My fingers are sore because I’m making them work in this environment. This COLD environment. And my nose is cold. So are my ears. I’m even under a blanket for chrissakes. I’m sooo hungry. Actually, I’m starving to death. I want some yummy food right now. All I had was this damn vegetable soup for lunch and that just didnt cut it. I want a pizza. A whole pizza. I’m sooooo...

Mmmm Mmmm Good 27

Mmmm Mmmm Good

We FINALLY made it to the other side of town to use our Krispy Kreme Dollars that Janet sent. And of course, because the Krispy Kreme gods know I am a loyal follower, the “Hot Donuts Now” light was on! And of course, since all of you RAVED about the Key Lime Pie donut, I had to try one of those. It was fabulous!! But – still can’t compare to Original Glazed…Amen.

Update 18


Update on my Mom She just called. FROM CRACKER BARREL. Which does not usually perform arteriograms. Evidently they never got the approval from her insurance company for the procedure. So? Since she was not willing to sign away and pay for it herself (ummmm…yeah), they turned her away. My mom has SEVERE anxiety concerning any and all medical procedures. She did NOT need this. Also? This is her first arteriogram done in Knoxville. She’s had all others done at Vanderbilt, which she tends to feel safer about. So now she REALLY wants to reschedule back at Vanderbilt. So – she’s...

4:25 18


Yeah. It’s 4:25 and I’m already up, showered, and sitting down to write an entry. Why? You may ask… First? My mom’s arteriogram is at 8am (EST) this morning. I want to be able to call her before she leaves for the hospital. Since I’m CST, then I need to call her about 5:45 my time. I’m worried about her. Not because of the procedure, but because she HATES the hospital and gets so nervous about these things. I was able to be there for her last one, but I am hoping a phone call from The Best Daughter In...

Sometimes You Have To Laugh 23

Sometimes You Have To Laugh

Remember the cookies I mentioned that I would NOT be sharing with you? Yeah. I’ve eaten SIX so far today. SIX Cookies. And about the time I started feeling really guilty about that? I went to the restroom and realized I had melted chocolate chip all over my ass. Well, on the ass of my light-kahki pants anyway. When I went back to my office, I saw the reminants of a chunk o’ cookie on my chair. Evidently – in my haste to demolish all of the cookies so that no one else would get any – I dropped some....