TV Time

Lost was even better this week than it was last. If you arent watching it, then watch the 2-hour premier on Saturday and catch up, because it’s awesome. I’d really like to bring up some of the twists, but I don’t want to ruin it. But did I mention it was awesome? The Apprentice. I […]

LilZoot – The Man of the Hour

LilZoot had quite a bit of responsibility the day I got married. He had to escort Ariel and Leah down the aisle during the bridal party procession, and he had to circle back around to come escort me down the aisle. Since my brain turned to mush about 30 minutes before the wedding (Seriously mush. […]

Cool Words

So, I’ve decided I like the word gregarious. I am going to try to work it into conversation more because it’s just a cool word. Do you have any words like that? That you just like? Quintessential. Thats another one, but I’m not sure exactly how to use that one, so I don’t. But I […]