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As you well know, MrZoot publishes all my entries for me during the day, thanks to our new fancy firewall here at work. Well today? I get this email:

My internet is down! this is from cell. Can u post a little on my blog? whenever u can. This sux! Have a great day! Pam

And I’m all “Yeah! Sure! Zoot to the rescue!” But then I’m all “Shit. I can’t see her blog, much less the blogger page for me to login at.” So, I call up (if by “call” you mean “email”) MrZoot and remind him that Pam is the person who recommended him a shoe place that would analyze his run and recommend a shoe for him. A shoe place and an experience he enjoyed thoroughly and bragged about to his family. Of course, it also allowed him to have this fun conversation:

“How did you hear about our store, Sir?”
“My wife’s blogfriend in Canada, of course. She told me about this store less than 2 miles from my front door. How do you usually get customers?”

So HE logged into blogger as ME, and published an entry as me, for her, on her blog, explaining her absence to her readers.

Not only is it all incredibly complicated? But its also very cool of him. So, lets take a moment and praise MrZoot- who not only keeps me active in the blogging world, but he keeps my blogfriends from having blog crisiseseseses (how the hell do you spell that?) as well.

And while we’re discussing absentee blogging? I’ve been guestblogging for Mike this week too. Go say “Hi.”

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17 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    Yeaaaaaa, Mr. Zoot!

  2. Chrishawn says:

    Gooooooooooooooooo, MrZoot. You rock! Where can I find a husband like you??

  3. Debby says:

    all hail Mr. Zoot!

  4. Fraulein N says:

    It’s official: MrZoot rocks.

  5. Mir says:

    We love Mr. Zoot because he’s so cool! And also because he is uber-yummy!

  6. bluepoppy says:

    All Hail Mr. Zoot– I LOVED the shoe store dialogue— that was priceless!

  7. myllissa says:

    With all this pro-bono blogging, isn’t about time that Mr. Zoot get a blog of his own, all ready!?

  8. Janet says:

    MrZoot rocks, but of course, we all knew that :-)

  9. Heather says:

    He’s a keeper :) Does he have any brothers?

  10. katherine says:

    You need to ditch Blogger and host your own. Or, are they blocking TypePad yet?

  11. katherine says:

    Wait, not that it’s not WONDERFUL of your cutie pie sugar lips (yeah I saw that super cute picture of you guys) to post for you. I’m not sure mine would… he’d probably edit it for me first. Then it would say stuff like: Yesterday, I was a spaz, I saw a bunny and wanted to take a picture, because I’m a spaz….

  12. doulazanie says:

    That is one awesome man you’re married to!

  13. Rick says:

    I’m not really an “uber-yummy” praise kinda guy, so MrZ, thanks man, for steppin’ up to the plate and bein’ a standup guy.

  14. Mary says:

    MrZ rocks!! My husband would look at me like I had two heads if I asked him to do something like that.

  15. DeAnn says:

    MrZoot is seriously awesome.

    Maybe he should have is own blog?

  16. Mr. Zoot is a real trooper but we knew that already because he married you. ;) The guy is a sucker for red hair and Krispy Kreme’s.

  17. junkie says:

    MrZ – He’s our Man
    If he can’t blog for us
    No one can!!!