LilZoot’s Wedding Party

I’ve mentioned how important it was to us that LilZoot feel as big of a part of the wedding as we were. So, we let him choose some friends to be in the wedding too. Of course, knowing he’d pick my best friends children helped! Seeing Lauren and Leah last night, and Type A visiting […]


I could really use a nap. Will someone cover for me if I curled up under my desk for a little shut-eye? I’ll forward my calls to your office and you can just tell them “She’s in a meeting.” How about it? Oh. And you all give great advice. The family reading hour rocks. So, […]

Spontaneous Sushi.

Dude. That would be an awesome name for a rock album, if I were, you know, in a rock band. My point? Yeah. Stace had to bring Leah in town for a check-up this afternoon. She brought Lauren and we all met afterwards for sushi at our favorite Japanese Restaurant. We ate obscene amounts of […]

Setting the Date

Well, once we were engaged we wasted no time in setting a date. We had no interest in a long engagement, but we needed time to plan a wedding for about 120-150 guests. I looked at the calendar and saw that October 25th would be a good date because it was a weekend LilZoot had […]