I got so wrapped up in writing about Thanksgiving that I forgot mention my Dad’s and Brother’s short visit before I left for Louisiana! We had a nice visit and took a walk through our Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas Lights. But, more importantly – How GORGEOUS is my brother’s dog? This is Sadie […]


My name is Zoot, and I’m a lurker. I find it embarrassing to admit that. I’m the one who is always begging her lurkers to come forward and say, “hi”, yet I’m the one lurking around certain blogs daily. I’m admitting my lurki-ness today, and today only – so I can shout out congrats to […]

My To Do List

1. Clean up stains on the carpet. Evidently leaving the cats alone for five days inspired puking frenzies galore. Not a pleasant thing to come home to – just for the record. 2. Finish the 58 loads of laundry that have accumulated post return from vacation. Can’t I enforce a house rule that mandates no […]

Checking In

I finally have internet access at a little Beignet Shop here in Slidell, LA. My train arrives in about 45 minutes so I thought I would pop in and upload one picture from our trip. This is us on the train ride on Wednesday. We’ve had a great trip, I’ve met gobs of family, and […]