On the Road Again…

In about 1 hour I’ll be hitting the road to make a 300 mile drive I’ve made no less than 100 times. I drove it every other weekend for three years taking LilZoot down to see his Dad. Believe it or not – his Dad and I were friends then – and only become NON-friends […]

Bill and Ted meet the Golden Girls

I’m always amazed at what fantastic friendships I’ve made in this here blog-world. Janet used her Spidey-Sense yesterday to recognize I was feeling a little blue. She also gives rockin’ gifts that match my personality SO well! AND she’s even helped me pick out the basic design for my Next Tatoo. Then? Oliquig didnt even […]


It’s time for another Fake Friday for Zoot! I get tomorrow off since New Year’s Day is on Saturday this year. So, first thing tomorrow morning, I’m hitting the road to visit Junkie and Stace down in Georgia. Junkie lives in the same town as my ex-husband, which is who LilZoot is visiting all this […]

Country Fried Brain.

Do you ever have those days where you feel like your brain is nothing but mush? That’s how I feel today. It’s almost like no one is speaking English because I feel like I have to REALLY concentrate in order to understand what anyone is saying. And tasks that should only take seconds? Are taking […]