I just ate an orange and now I’m all sticky. Just thought you might like to know. Did you hear? Target is no longer selling Krispy Kremes! At least neither of our Super Targets are. They are going to make their OWN donuts in the bakery (they make Einstein Bagels in their bakery too). Evidently […]

Random Thoughts.

Its Monday, and Mondays suck. LilZoot actually didnt have a great weekend with his Dad (which is unusual), and its all weighing heavy on my mind. MrZ has to starve himself Tuesday to prep for a medical procedure on Wednesday. As in, only BROTH and JELL-O. He gets moody when he’s 30 minutes late eating […]

Faking It

MrZ and I rented a few movies Friday night. Since it was a Friday – the pickins were QUITE slim, to say the least. I grabbed The Big Bounce and Anchorman. MrZ grabbed Shaun of the Dead and I said, “I’ll watch something else while you watch that…” Well, for some reason, MrZ doesnt like […]