See Ya Later – Alligator

We Zoots are going out of town for the night. We are meeting my Dad and other family up in Tennessee for an impromptu mini-reunion of sorts. I am NOT taking the Doppler because I can only pick up the heartbeat of the baby every few times I use it, and the unsuccessful times between […]

Dude. That was INTENSE

Did you see LOST last night? My god. That dream/nightmare Locke had, with Boone all bloody? Scared the SHIT out of me. And is Boone going to die? I don’t WANT him to die! I love me some Boone! He’s such a loyal puppy dog to Locke. And why did Locke lie about what happened […]


We did not get to sleep until LATE last night because we HAD to watch the two hour Amazing Race and then we HAD to watch the Lady Vols beat Rutgers and then we HAD to watch House. And yes, those were all VERY important, shut it. My point is that I’m freakin’ TIRED today, […]