See Ya Later – Alligator

We Zoots are going out of town for the night. We are meeting my Dad and other family up in Tennessee for an impromptu mini-reunion of sorts. I am NOT taking the Doppler because I can only pick up the heartbeat of the baby every few times I use it, and the unsuccessful times between turn me into an emotional basketcase. NOT a condition I want to be in while visiting with my Dad’s brothers and sisters.

This will be a good trip, LilZoot has only gotten to hang out with this portion of my family a couple times in his life, and they weren’t recently. I spent a week every summer in this part of Tennessee and I’d like LilZoot to have some memories of it as well.

So. Here are the keys to the house. Feed the cats and walk the dogs while we’re gone. And no parties. We’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.


11 thoughts on “See Ya Later – Alligator”

  1. Ok, she’s gone. Quick! Who want to toilet-paper the house? Who’s got the keys to the liquor cabinet? C’mon, she won’t miss it; it’s not like she can drink now that she’s pregnant… Who’s in?

  2. Zootie,

    Come back home and write some more. I need my daily Zoot-fix…Plus, I’ll be in Denver all next week with spotty internet access, so I have to pack you all in now!


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