Monthly Archive: June 2005

One down, three to go! 11

One down, three to go!

One of the three FOUR designs I’ve been working on this week. Kerry was one of the FIRST bloggers I ever met here in blogworld. I was thrilled when she asked me to design for her, as I am when anyone that I actually KNOW does. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like I just ate a Krispy Kreme. And that’s a good thing. So, go tell her, “Hi!” And tell her she’s pretty. And smart. And funny. And that she has GREAT taste in web designers.

Baby’s Fine. I’m Gonna Hurl. 15

Baby’s Fine. I’m Gonna Hurl.

This is the best thing I’ve ever read: On the day of the glucose tolerance test, eat a large candy bar (at least 2oz) and drink a 12-oz soft drink (no diet drinks). Please complete this sugar load all within 15 minutes. Do you know what that means? I don’t have to drink that nasty stuff I did ten years ago when I was pregnant with LilZ. I get a CANDY BAR. and a REAL COKE (which I don’t like, but whatever). How cool is that? Modern medical advances are amazing. My doctor’s appointment went well, except for the sudden...

When All Else Fails? Photograph The Dog. 9

When All Else Fails? Photograph The Dog.

I was just working on a few designs this morning (I’m doing THREE in ONE WEEK. I’m KRAZEE with the designing. Yes Ma’am. I also may be a little drunk (parenthetically speaking, of course)) and decided to take a break so I could post an entry before I headed off to work. I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to write about (shocking, I know.) so I got up to refill my coffee (DECAF! I promise!). When I came back? This is what I saw. I’m not sure if she wanted to write the entry for me…or, if she was...

My husband is a crack head. And I’m a giant geek. 8

My husband is a crack head. And I’m a giant geek.

MrZ’s comment on my last entry: I’m glad we agree on this stuff. Arguing over parenting issues w/ other parents is one thing, but can you imagine if you and I had opposing viewpoints on this kind of thing? That would be tough. My reply: [sarcasm] Um, yeah, I cant imagine, um, what it would be like if we disagreed about anything regarding, um, parenting, which, of course, we havent EVER done, have we? [/sarcasm] His reply: [duh] [idon'tknow what i was thinking] Good Point [/idon'tknow what i was thinking] [/duh] I don’t know if this proves that MrZ is...

I’m hoping to get some good email out of this one 34

I’m hoping to get some good email out of this one

The current “hot-topic” right now in a lot of the mommy-blogging world is the No-Cry Sleep Solution (NCSS) v/s Cry It Out (CIO). For those of you new to these techniques, let me break it down for you. NCSS means under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you let your child cry themselves to sleep. CIO means that if you know they are not hungry, not wet, and not sick…you just let them cry (for a reasonable amount of time) themselves to sleep. For many parents? It’s a tough decision to make. You feel guilty about letting your child cry, but sometimes you...