It’s THAT time of year again.

Edited to add: Brenda sent me a link to an AWESOME article explaing some of the “secrets”. Here it is if you want to read it too! Well, it’s summertime, which means nothing but reruns and crap on TV. This is why we, here in the Zoot household, enjoy the summer tradition of Big Brother […]

My Dishwasher is Possessed

We came home yesterday and the dishwasher (OR, as I like to call it, SATAN) was filled with water. I wrestled with it for a little while until MrZ took over. He FINALLY decided right before bed, that the overflow drain was clogged, so we cleaned it out and the water drained fine with the […]

The internet scares me, sometimes.

It’s almost the end of the month, so it’s time to cruise June’s search strings for blogging material. And if you’re wondering what the COMPLETE list of June search strings looks like? And the scary SCARY ones I don’t tell you about? I converted the whole list to a text file for your enjoyment. Please […]


While I was updating my design blog last night, I decided to redesign it a little bit. Go look…she’s so pretty. Doncha’ think? Speaking of things that are pretty… I now have an aversion to showering. No lie. I was taking a shower this weekend and slipped coming out of the tub (I’m naturally a […]