How to make a GREAT first impression.

I had to run go get LilZ and bring him to my office for the last half of the day (long story). My boss doesn’t mind this periodically and his son was even here this morning. HOWEVER… We walked into the office after the 30-minute-hottest-part-of-the-day commut. I was VERY stinky (remember, no a/c), very flushed […]

I kept my clothes on!

We’re back from the doctor’s and all is well. I didnt even have to take my clothes off! Because my doctor is one of six in his practice, they wanted to start me on a “rotation” so that I get to see all of the other doctors at least once before I deliver, just in […]

I think my luck has run out

Guess what? I turned 27 weeks pregnant this week. Do you know what that means? By all practical accounts? I’m totally in my third, I mean LAST, trimester. Can you believe we made it THIS FAR? Remember the days when I couldnt even imagine myself SHOWING, much less having a baby? The days where I […]

She said “I do” to ME!

Remember when I offered that free blogger design yesterday? Well, wordnerd asked for it…and of course, I gave it to her! And get this, she is getting MARRIED in, like a few days, and she still took the time to read my blog that day. I am so flattered. I dont think I even had […]