Monthly Archive: September 2005

FINALLY. The important stuff. 8

FINALLY. The important stuff.

Yeah, it’s been a crazy day, hasn’t it? Well, let me finally throw out my two cents about Survivor last night: I still love Stephanie and I totally played basketball (don’t laugh, I really did!) for a couple of years and would have known what a pick is and then she and I could have been BFFs forever. But Briana? Come ON! She just STOOD there during that challenge and LilZ and I were screaming at the TV “DO SOMETHING!!!!!” and she ignored us. She may not have known what setting a pick meant, but she had to know that...

Just like his mother 13

Just like his mother

I’ve had a parenting revelation today (I know!) It has occurred to me that the thing that LilZ does that drives me the craziest is the quality I most want him to have as an adult. And this sucks royal donkey ass. Let me explain: LilZ was supposed to go to school dressed from the 50s today, to celebrate his principal’s 50th birthday. Earlier in the week he said he was going to roll down his socks like his teacher said to do. I said, “Huh?” And he explained that he wanted to wear “Bobby Socks” and no matter HOW...

A break in waiting for…PIMPING! 2

A break in waiting for…PIMPING!

This is like my 10th revision of this entry. I’m trying not to sound like a huge dork and I’m failing miserably. I decided to erase it all and keep it short, sweet, and to the point. MrZ played in several punk bands in his youth. One of his oldest friends (Andrew) is still in a band (the bass player) called Against Me. They are going to be on Conan O’Brien tonight. Please watch it. Thank you. (insert goofy giggling here)

What was I going to say? 9

What was I going to say?

Yeah. I had an entry planned about the television from last night. And maybe I was going to talk about how unsuccessful I was staying on my left side all night. I was probably also going to discuss ass sweat and donuts (those are usually givens). But instead? I waked up to an email from amalah. Hopefully? By now? She’s already had her baby. But, since she’s a first timer, she could still be in labor. Either way – it’s happening (at least it had better be). I’m so excited.

Bitchy McBitcherson 6

Bitchy McBitcherson

GRRR. I ended up getting really woozy at work (probably the extended time rolling around on the ultrasound table) and puking. Good times. I came home and began dealing with red tape and beauracracy in other financial issues in my life. Good times. I can’t seem to get anyone to help me with any of my questions or problems. All they can say is “there is definitely a problem.” Which, you know, really? Thanks. I knew that. That’s why I called. I still don’t feel great. Of course it all goes back to my inability to breathe which we can...