Lazy in the kitchen

Um. I’m kinda making up food as I go tonight for dinner. And I’m thinking it may not work out so well. I started out thinking: Red beans and rice. And since I’m a Canopener Cook, I just opened two cans of kidney beans (they’re red!) and figured I’d make some white rice, and, Voila! Red beans and rice. Right?

Well, I also had some italian sausage I didnt use this weekend so I thought I’d slice it up. Why? Because I know I’ve seen dishes that have red beans and rice and italian sausage in them. But, what type of seasoning should I use? And how should I cook it?

Long story short? I cut up the italian sausage and added it to the pot with the two cans of Kidney Beans. Then, for seasoning? I added some diced tomatoes with jalepenos. I’m also cooking the white rice. So, you tell me. What are we eating for dinner? Is there any dish similar enough to my concoction that I can tell MrZ that is what I was cooking? Or, is this going to taste like shit and I’m not going to want to give it a name? Or? Am I a genius and have I just invented an easy dish that everyone will love but no one has every had before?

(Yes. I know the last one is a long shot.)


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  1. you’re probably going to want to put some dry seasonings in there as well like maybe some cumin or something… and you can tell him you made jambalaya… that would work on me.

  2. I vote for cumin and probably some chili powder. That would make it sort of mexicanish and add flavor at the same time. I might also dice up and saute some onions to throw in, just for more flavor.

    I have to tell you, I was skeptical at first but I think it sounds good now and would come for dinner if you asked.

  3. Too late now to comment, because you probably already got it on the table. But let me tell you it is safe to call it red beans and rice, and I bet it was really good. A guy can’t have too many jalapenos.

  4. I’d probably cut up an onion, saute it in some oil. Add some salt and pepper, cumin, dried red chilies, oregano and a squeeze of lime juice (from the little plastic lime, even). Then add the tomatoes and cook until the oil starts to separate (around 10 minutes or so). Then add the kidney beans.

    Then add your dry rice and liquid [enough so that if you were to place your finger directly on top of the rice, the liquid would reach the first indent of our index finger] and cook together until the rice is tender.

  5. lol sounds like how I cooked in my early 20s. Here’s an easy one for you!

    one of those big cans of ravioli
    some chopped green pepper
    those breakfast sausage, the link kind

    mix all together, sprinkle on some mozzerella cheese and voila!

  6. Flatmate Giles and I frequently serve each other food called “Slop”.
    It can be “ground beef slop with tomatos and spices and rice” or “Tuna slop with pasta” or “Vegetable slop with scones” but it’s a great generic term for “I dunno, I cooked, eat it and shut up.”

  7. Um, I’d be a little scared to try that recipe that Janet just gave you… any recipe that begins wit “can of ravioli” just doesn’t seem right.

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