Bah humbug.

Ew. It’s Monday. And ew. LilZ has to go back to school and MrZ has to go back to work. And ew. It’s raining and cold. This day is going to feel like the quintessential Monday. (I am betting I didn’t use that word right. But you know what? I kinda don’t care. It’s a […]

Who’s on your shit list?

There is some kid who has been riding up and down our street on some moped type vehicle. I guess technically? It’s a very SMALL motorcycle. But it sounds about as macho as a moped. It’s annoying the crap out of me and even though the kid riding it looks about 12, I’m still thinking […]

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

This may have been my best Thanksgiving EVER in the history of my life. I only have a few pictures to show because I don’t like putting pictures on the internet of family who haven’t specifically said they don’t mind their faces on the web. But – these pictures are enough, I believe. MrZ and […]