I’m a freak show

NikkiZ has woken up every three hours the past 4-6 days or so. She wakes up fidgeting, and I believe realizes she’s hungry – I don’t think the hunger could wake her up since it didnt the month before. It’s been stressing me out a bit because it makes me so damn tired, but I’ll […]

Guilty thief.

Deb did this at her site, and of course, I’m stealing it for my own. I’m a thief like that. Five of my guilty pleasures: (1) The O.C. – That show is dumb on so many levels, but I can. not. stop. watching. it. I have no idea what draws me to it every week […]

My peeps.

I have this thing, about adults. More often than not, when I’m with more than one other adult, I feel incredibly out of place. I feel that part of it is because I still don’t feel like an adult myself (yes, I know, I’m 30, embrace it already) but the other part is I’m really […]