Mr. Wizard meets Martha Stewart

OH MY GOD. Do you see this…this…this CREATURE? It is some concoction MrZ and LilZ whipped up tonight. MrZ was craving something sweet, so he started by mixing brown sugar, peanut butter, and maybe some chocolate chips together. As I mocked his creation from the living room, he decided to add an entire stick of […]

Sometimes parenting makes me cry.

“You’re about as straight as a circle.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is what someone told my 11-yr-old son recently. I asked him what spawned it, and he couldn’t remember. “He’s always calling me gay and stuff…he’s just weird.” He hears those comments so much he can’t even remember which ones came from what person. […]

We’re grown-ups

Right now – MrZ is alone at NIkkiZ’s 4 month check-up. Well, he’s got her with him (I hope), but I’m not there with him. After he missed her last two check-ups, and then admitted he skipped them because he can’t handle her getting shots, I did what any 2-yr-old would do and pitched a […]