Damn you, Veronica Mars!

I decided to give NikkiZ some Tylenol right before bed last night, so that if she’s teething it would help her sleep better. She and I both crashed around 8:30 or so, and I had just fed her. I was so tired, it took everything out of me just to stay awake THAT long, so […]

Summary of HELL

This incredibly long entry is for those of you wondering about the daycare situation. I have not written about all of the chaos because it has been really depressing. Here is the summary of what all has gone on. There are about a million other little things I don’t feel like mentioning, so I’ll stick […]

Where’s that damn white rabbit?

Shit. I’m late. And not in the good “Another baby!” way either. In the “Shit! I don’t have time to shower!” way. I overslept. Probably because of the whole having-a-daughter-who-hates-me thing. Who knows. NikkiZ started throwing her first temper tantrums this weekend. How old do they have to be before you can ground them? Is […]