Monthly Archive: February 2006

Damn you, <i>Veronica Mars</i>! 13

Damn you, Veronica Mars!

I decided to give NikkiZ some Tylenol right before bed last night, so that if she’s teething it would help her sleep better. She and I both crashed around 8:30 or so, and I had just fed her. I was so tired, it took everything out of me just to stay awake THAT long, so 8:30 was quite impressive to me. MrZ decided after he watched 24 to throw in some of the Veronica Mars DVDs (he’s watching the first season because he, like I did, became incredibly addicted after just a few episodes) and I kept waking up and...

We’re all in this together… 28

We’re all in this together…

Remember how my son (and every other teen and pre-teen with cable in America) was obsessed with the new Disney Original Movie High School Musical? Well, he still is. As is every other teen in this town. Last week’s talent show? Featured at least TWO re-enactments of musical numbers from that movie. So, it’s a disease that has overtaken our little community here, and is surely infecting yours as well. Anyway…MrZ and I put an official moratorium of the music, the movie, the songs, and the dances from that movie for the weekend. Both of us had found ourselves humming...

Summary of HELL 9

Summary of HELL

This incredibly long entry is for those of you wondering about the daycare situation. I have not written about all of the chaos because it has been really depressing. Here is the summary of what all has gone on. There are about a million other little things I don’t feel like mentioning, so I’ll stick to the major events in The Daycare Debacle of 2006. Week 1: NikkiZ had two teachers. Ms. Morning and Ms. Lovely. Ms. Morning opened up the class but left at lunch every day. Ms. Lovely was there most of the day. We loved both teachers...

Where’s that damn white rabbit? 3

Where’s that damn white rabbit?

Shit. I’m late. And not in the good “Another baby!” way either. In the “Shit! I don’t have time to shower!” way. I overslept. Probably because of the whole having-a-daughter-who-hates-me thing. Who knows. NikkiZ started throwing her first temper tantrums this weekend. How old do they have to be before you can ground them? Is now too early? Do you think she at least understands, “I do NOT like that attitude, Missy” because I used that a lot. She kinda gave me a look that said, “Yeah. Well. Get used to it.” Parenting ROCKS.

Quadratic 13


While I’m not suffering from sleep deprivation, I’m trying to catch up on some design work I’ve been needing to do. Here are some I’ve finished the last week or two.