Big pimpin’

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A nursing necklace! Leah sent it to me to help with my problem I’ve been having with NikkiZ getting distracted while she nurses. This necklace gives her something to play with while she nurses so that it encourages her to stay focused on the nursing and the […]

Flower child

NikkiZ’s Spring Fling was tons of fun last night. I was able to hang out with some of the other parents in our class. Also, one of her teachers made all of the babies these flower collars to wear and they were SO adorable. Our little flower garden. My Target Bakery cookies along with my […]

Define “Bake”

NikkiZ’s class is having a Bake Sale tonight. The parents are supposed to bring items to sell in the Bake Sale. Someone is baking a Sand Castle cake, others are making brownies, and muffins, and cookies. There is going to be a bounty of sugary goodness made with the loving hands of parent’s in NikkiZ’s […]

NikkiZ’s P.O. says Amoxicilin is okay

Please make note of my boo-boos. I have two more on the other leg. I will wake up 6 times throughout the night after this picture is taken. Pity my mother. When I walked into NikkiZ’s doctor’s office yesterday, the waiting room was FULL. This was only our second visit to the new doctor, but […]