Why do I not do drugs again?

My anxiety is at threat level Orange today, people. To put it in perspective, Yellow is “Oh crap, I’m at work and I realized I forgot to send LilZ with a lunch or money for his field trip today.” Whereas Red is “I am walking down the aisle to get married in 30 minutes and […]

Cracking me up

LilZ has really developed a fantastic sense of humor as he gets older. There are times when I know I shouldn’t laugh (usually because he’s being a smart-ass) but it is REALLY difficult. I have to put on my serious face, hide the grin, and say, “Where I appreciate the wit you just demonstrated, being […]

I broke my own damn rule

So, I have this thing, right? This thing that makes me REALLY hate how stores make you sign up for their damn “cards” to get a reasonable price on items. This is why I get my groceries at Target. Good prices and GOBS of cheap generics. NO CARD. Well, I also have this thing where […]

The world according to MrZ

MrZ commented on this entry and I decided to make an entry out of it to help fill in the blanks for the whole “Four Hour Trip to Home Depot” concept. Also? He went back again yesterday, because four hours on Saturday wasn’t enough. MrZ’s To-Do List [with commentary from me.] Replace all rotten wood […]