I have my video interview for Alpha Mom today at 9:50am (California Time). I feel really weird about it because the interview list is damn intimidating. It’s like a “Who’s Who” of bloggers and I know several of you like to feed my ego by telling me I belong there – but have y’all read […]

Random Blogher Bullets

I finished and if the compliments I got from my workshop is any indication? I was FIRE HOT, I tell you! They loved me! They threw bras and panties at me on stage and asked me to autograph their chest. No, no they didn’t. But they did say I did a good job and that’s […]

A few questions…

How does my infant demon child know that the last 24 hours were/are critical in terms of Mommy Needs To Do Important Things time? Because she slept HORRIBLY last night and has wanted to be held (by ME) every time she wakes up. It’s hard to pack and hold a sleeping baby at the same […]


I’m being interviewed (on camera!) at BlogHer by Leah Peah for Alpha Mom and I’m so proud of myself for not freaking out about this before. I’m trying to be all cool and “no big deal…it’s only 15 minutes…” about it on the outside, but on the inside? I’m all “ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod” about it. […]