My hero.

Ever since LilZ took those drama classes last summer, he has wanted to test out his chops at a real audition. Since I’m lazy, I’ve never really found where to go to find out when or where auditions for what plays are. And honestly? It’s not something I felt like really encouraging because I know […]

Talky Talky

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned as LilZ has grown up is that All Children Are Different. LilZ didn’t start reading when most of the kids his age did, and some people in our family made a big deal about that. “Why isn’t he reading yet? So-in-so is! You need to work […]

Local dialect

I have been watching the local news in the mornings since the weather has been so sporatic. One day I have to scrape ice off my car and the next day I’m wearing shorts and blowing bubbles with the kids in the front yard. I like to know what to expect from the weather before […]