I’m so old

Guess what I’m doing tonight? I’m going to a BAR. To see a BAND play. And possibly DANCE. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done that? A million years – that’s how long. It’s one of my best friend’s birthday and to celebrate we’re going to see her favorite band play. I […]

Holy Crap. Is it Monday?

I took MrZ’s car into the dealership this morning to have it serviced and get the a/c fixed. I walked over to Barnes and Noble to work using their WiFi while they looked at the car. The dealership called and said my favorite words: This is going to cost you a kidney. The compressor went […]

Ignorance is bliss

So – Today has been declared stop cyber bullying day. I feel like I must make a small comment about that. I’ve followed a little bit of the chaos mentioned in that article, although after seeing a few bloggers go through some awful cyber bullying experiences, I’ve simply stopped reading about it. I’m not even […]

Stupid Internet

Man! I make a vow to blog more and then my internet goes and gets all crappy on me. During that time I had exactly 23 great blog entry ideas. Now that I have access to internet again, my ideas have dropped to one. The crappy one. So crappy I’m going to blog about the […]