Monthly Archive: March 2007

I’m so old 14

I’m so old

Guess what I’m doing tonight? I’m going to a BAR. To see a BAND play. And possibly DANCE. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done that? A million years – that’s how long. It’s one of my best friend’s birthday and to celebrate we’re going to see her favorite band play. I used to see the same band whenever they came into town, but they have since broken up and only play once in a blue moon. And I’ve gotten old and boring. But I’m so excited! I’m also nervous because – what if they can tell...

If I’m crying…you should be too. 24

If I’m crying…you should be too.

I watched this video on The Today Show this morning and started bawling immediately. I didn’t want to be the only one hysterical before work so I rewound it and made my friend Stace watch it too. She bawled hysterically. I can’t find it on YouTube – but if you click this link, you can see the video too. If you don’t cry, you are a stronger man than I. Sweetest thing EVER. (I’ve officially cried over this 100 times now.)

Holy Crap. Is it Monday? 11

Holy Crap. Is it Monday?

I took MrZ’s car into the dealership this morning to have it serviced and get the a/c fixed. I walked over to Barnes and Noble to work using their WiFi while they looked at the car. The dealership called and said my favorite words: This is going to cost you a kidney. The compressor went out so we had to pay about $600 bucks to fix it. Awesome. They called back an hour or so later and I went to go get it. As I was pulling it out of the dealership, the low fuel indicator came on. Now –...

Ignorance is bliss 11

Ignorance is bliss

So – Today has been declared stop cyber bullying day. I feel like I must make a small comment about that. I’ve followed a little bit of the chaos mentioned in that article, although after seeing a few bloggers go through some awful cyber bullying experiences, I’ve simply stopped reading about it. I’m not even thinking about it. I’m simply doing what every blogger who has been through it has said to do: Ignore it. It’s awful, it sucks, but I think the best way to stop cyber bullying – is to ignore it. Probably wishful thinking, and probably naive,...

Stupid Internet 32

Stupid Internet

Man! I make a vow to blog more and then my internet goes and gets all crappy on me. During that time I had exactly 23 great blog entry ideas. Now that I have access to internet again, my ideas have dropped to one. The crappy one. So crappy I’m going to blog about the worst thing any blogger could blog about: Blogging! I have a few blogging concepts I want to discuss as they’ve been topics of debate across the blogosphere. I’m trying to start responding to comments in the comments section. How do you feel about that? Do...