links for 2007-05-01

Jesus Camp I saw a report about this documentary this weekend. I had never heard of it. I’m fascinated by it, even in my heathenism. (tags: religion documentary movie politics) Nikon SB-400 This is the flash I bought for my camera. Along with a great 1 cent bounce card instructions for it. (tags: photography flash […]

My husband. Man of the Year.

If you’ll remember correctly – NikkiZ woke up Friday morning covered in vomit, throwing a huge wrench into our plans. My husband spent quite a bit of time that morning irritated that he was missing his golf tournament and no where near enough time (in my opinion) upset about missing my marathon. HOWEVER – he […]

I Am SO Proud of Her!

This is Eliah here. We just got back from the Country Music Marathon.The only reason I am writing is my Mom, MissZ is laying motionless, watching Jurassic Park, I think it is 3, with her bro’ and dad. I am really tired and my feet hurt.:( I know she should be the one complaining, but […]