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I’m so scared I may die 33

I’m so scared I may die

LilZ and I are in our fancy (and waaaay over-priced) hotel room winding down for the night. I’m still not puking, but I’m feeling a little woozy. I’m hoping it’s nerves and not the bug NikkiZ has. MrZ and I have been touching base all day and she has not gotten any better. This means I’m going to have to do this without him and I’m so sad about that I’m trying not to cry. Knowing he won’t be there for me at the finish line is just heartbreaking. BUT – My Dad and brother and son and future sister-in-law...

Let’s all say a prayer for my digestive system 24

Let’s all say a prayer for my digestive system

What would be the MOST AWESOME thing in the world to wake up to less than 24 hours from when I’m supposed to run a marathon? Come on…Guess… A toddler covered in vomit? EXACTLY! NikkiZ is sick. They told us at daycare yesterday she had loose poops and there was something “going around” and I said a quick prayer, “Please don’t be sick.” I went to get her up this morning and her hair, face, and sheets were covered in vomit. I said, “Please don’t be sick.” I was just holding her after a bath and she was very lethargic...

Please tell me it angers you too…so I don’t feel like I’m over reacting. 20

Please tell me it angers you too…so I don’t feel like I’m over reacting.

Saying that today’s media is to blame for our teen girls’ body image problems is probably an unfair generalization. It is one of the many things that cause the problem, but blaming it all on skinny starlets and starving models is unfair to the teens themselves. THAT SAID… The new Nivea commercial for their anti-cellulite lotion makes me SO FREAKIN’ ANGRY. Have you seen it? There are three WAY TOO SKINNY girls who join some sort of dance-off on the street all while the voice in the background discusses how they can wear those short shorts because of the Nivea...

links for 2007-04-27 1

links for 2007-04-27

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Selfishness 16


Since MrZ took this new job (Which he loves, by the way, because it’s more programming which means he is SUCH A GEEK.) he can’t really keep up with my blog. He works 9+ hours a day and is very busy, and what few free minutes he has he prefers to do things like, eat, or go to the bathroom, or some such necessary nonsense that evidently ranks higher than reading what I have to say about our life. BUT – this is a good thing because I am now free to discuss the horrible things I’m thinking and he...