The Difference…

I’ve been asked often this week if I’m nervous about my next appointment. And I am, but it’s different being pregnant the first time after a successful pregnancy. With NikkiZ, and every failed cycle/pregnancy before her, I felt like the weight of the happiness of my family was hinging on the success of my reproductive […]

Worse than a weed

This picture was taken in October 2003, the day MrZ and I got married. We are going tonight to pick up tuxes again for the first time since then. This time, they are for MrZ’s brother’s wedding and I’m betting the pictures I take of the boys on Saturday will look a little bit different, […]

Can you hypnotize a toddler?

My daughter is 3 days away from her debut performance as “Flower Girl #2.” She will be walking down the aisle of MrZ’s brother’s 300-person wedding on Saturday and I met her co-star (“Flower Girl #1″) at the church today in hopes that the introduction would start the warming-up process before Saturday. FG#1 is almost […]