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links for 2007-06-01

Man described as a top spammer arrested Imagine if this article showed up in your newspaper 15 years ago. The headline alone would confuse you. (tags: news spammers)

The Difference… 14

The Difference…

I’ve been asked often this week if I’m nervous about my next appointment. And I am, but it’s different being pregnant the first time after a successful pregnancy. With NikkiZ, and every failed cycle/pregnancy before her, I felt like the weight of the happiness of my family was hinging on the success of my reproductive system. LilZ was practically aching to be a big brother and MrZ wanted nothing more than to hold his baby in his arms. Every month that I was not pregnant or every miscarriage reminded me that my body failed to give them their dream. (And...

Worse than a weed 4

Worse than a weed

This picture was taken in October 2003, the day MrZ and I got married. We are going tonight to pick up tuxes again for the first time since then. This time, they are for MrZ’s brother’s wedding and I’m betting the pictures I take of the boys on Saturday will look a little bit different, what do you think? LilZ is growing so fast I’m losing my mind. We’re going to the mall tonight to buy him an entire outfit for the rehearsal dinner tomorrow because NONE of his dressy clothes fit. Not even his shoes which we bought in...

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links for 2007-05-31

Political Preference Is Half Genetic – Yahoo! News I have NO idea what this means for LilZ. His mom is a dirty liberal hippy wannabe and his Dad is hard-core right wing conservative. (tags: politics children news)

Can you hypnotize a toddler? 18

Can you hypnotize a toddler?

My daughter is 3 days away from her debut performance as “Flower Girl #2.” She will be walking down the aisle of MrZ’s brother’s 300-person wedding on Saturday and I met her co-star (“Flower Girl #1″) at the church today in hopes that the introduction would start the warming-up process before Saturday. FG#1 is almost a year older and very excited about her role in this wedding. NikkiZ, on the other hand, kept holding on to my calves saying, “Hole Choo Peeeez, Hole Choo Peeez, Hold Choo Peez…” (Translation: “Hold You, Please.” Derived from, “Do you want me to hold...