Late night

I’m still up, trying to catch up on uploading some photos to flickr so that I can finally upload the ones from the bluegrass show last night which are HYSTERICAL. I made Stace pose with me for the same picture about 10 times throughout the night. I evidently think that’s funny when I’m drunk. We […]


NikkiZ was looking for paper to color on today. I couldn’t find any immediately, so I grabbed the next best thing. The lab paperwork my OB gave me to take in for some pregnancy bloodwork. I saw it and thought, “Well. Certainly don’t need THAT now.” So I gave it to her to color on. […]


This has got to me the most hideous week I’ve had in a long time. My emotions have been insane (I wonder why) and I’ve decided the best way to cope with my loss is to curl up every night with a couple bottles of beer. And I’m not even a big drinker – so […]