Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

MrZ called me after picking up NikkiZ yesterday and said,

“They’re having their Halloween parade tomorrow at school.”

Huh? Halloween parade on September 28th?

“Um. That doesn’t make sense. Halloween is a month away.”
“Well. It says there is a parade and she has to wear yellow, black, and green.”

Huh? Halloween is orange and black. And why can’t they wear costumes this year?

“Um. That doesn’t make sense either. I’m calling the school.”

I called the school and had the following conversation:
Me: Hi! My husband said you’re having a parade tomorrow and I’m wondering what that’s about.
Her: What class is your child in?
Me: Toddlers.
Her: Well, they’re in charge of makeup for the parade. So, they wear yellow, black, or green.

HUH? They’re letting toddlers do the makeup for a parade? What type of vendetta do they have against the other participants? I’ve seen NikkiZ do makeup. It’s not pretty.

Me: Um. I don’t think I understand how yellow, black, or green fits into that…
Her: Well. It’s world culture day. My class, for example, is in charge of Ireland. So, they’re wearing green and gold.
Me: Oh…

Oh! Countries. What country sounds like “Makeup” and would be associated with yellow, black and green? Oh! I know!

Me: Oh! So, they’re wearing those colors because the Jamaican flag has those colors.
Her: Yes! Exactly!
Me: Sorry, I’m a little slow. I get it now. Thanks.

13 thoughts on “Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

  1. Men. Sounds EXACTLY like something mine would say.

    And I totally already RSVP’d. Cause I’m cool like that.
    I can’t wait!!

  2. So, Halloween = World Culture Day, and Makeup = Jamaica. Allrighty. I’m very impressed that you nailed it with Jamaica off the top of your head like that, I’m not sure it would have come to my mind…

  3. Ha ha ha!!! That’d be the answers I got from my husband. He wouldn’t listen to the whole thing, lol. I am glad to see them adding culture into kid’s lives… but I wonder if the small kids like NikkiZ’s age get the point.

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