The results are in: 447

Well, that hCG quantitative is not as depressing as the 22 result, but not as awesome as the 1,221 that NikkiZ gave us. It’s closer to “good” than the 123 from last time, so they’re not ordering anymore blood work. (Yay!) My progesterone was low (20) but nowhere near as low as it was with the last pregnancy (8). They are still prescribing me Prometrium, but I’m not as panicked as I was last time. In other words: Good news. I’m pregnant. MrZ is now in charge of changing out the kitty litter. It’s Friday and life is damn good.

I’m happy. I hope you are too.

74 thoughts on “The results are in: 447”

  1. Regular reader here, not a regular commenter, but this entry deserves a big ‘ol WOOHOO!!
    I am currently 3 months pregnant after almost 2 years of battling infertility and I have to say 447 is a nice respectable beta number. I think this just may be the one!! : )

  2. I really wish I knew more of what these numbers mean, but they seem to be a good thing, so yay!!! =D I’m happy for you, Zoot. I really, really am. *hugs*

  3. All I know about these numbers is what I learned from reading your blog. I couldn’t leave to go to the fair tonight with my husband and kids without reading your update on your test results. I am very happy for you and will continue to send positive thoughts your way.

  4. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I might have sniffed a little at this which damn hormones. We can always channel grrrrl, “nothing bad has happened yet.” I say that to myself all the time.

  5. That is AWESOME! I know this does not help, but my mom had a miscarriage before my brother was born, and then another before I was born, the result=both my brother and myself are here, had there been no miscarriage, there would be no me and no him. I AM really excited for you, and really jealous, my daughter is 2 1/2 and I really want another but recently divorced so, yeah, not going to happen.

  6. Awesome! The good news is that you aren’t exactly sure how far along you are, so your number could be much better than you think!

    Congratulations! Now stick baby, stick!


  7. Stupid firewalls at work and dialup at home. *grumble, grumble* I had to get your good news from Marilyn’s site.

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

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