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Here we go again. 93

Here we go again.

I was practicing my affirmation a few weeks ago – writing in the margins of my book. Every time the author instructed me to think positively about something, I wrote it in the margin. One of the things in my life bringing out the negative, is my difficulty having another child. So, instead of thinking like that, I was trying to train myself to use positive affirmations. I’m not saying it worked miracles or anything…but how’s this for timing? Dear Marilyn, Thank you for letting me use your comments section to reveal my news before my family knew.

links for 2007-09-28 6

links for 2007-09-28

Starting a Photography Business #10: Copyright your Images – I’m not a “real” photographer but this seems like an easy “fix” for the issues people have been having with stolen images. I may be doing this soon. (tags: photography copyright) Flickr: Photos from nervemediastealsphotos Damn. I love seeing people rise up against THE MAN.

Talking to myself again. 18

Talking to myself again.

Dear 7th-Grade-Zoot, The most important thing that I, the 32-year-old You, want to say is this: Ms. De will be the worst teacher you will ever have. It only goes up from here. I promise. She is not nice to you (and is super nice to all the other girls, WTF?) but you will have a long list of teachers you love from here on out. And they’ll love you. Some of them will touch you in ways you’ll never forget. Wait. That sounded bad. They don’t actually touch you. I’m freaking you out now, aren’t I? Anyway – I...

Ahh…the question of discipline…is there really an answer? 19

Ahh…the question of discipline…is there really an answer?

Several of you asked what I do if NikkiZ doesn’t obey first time. That’s a tricky question. Since we’re still teaching the concept, we physically enforce whatever we’re trying to get her to do, if possible. Like, if I want her to pick up her toys and remind her “first time,” but she still doesn’t do it? I go over with her and help her pick them up while repeating the phrase “first time” a lot. Like, “NikkiZ, I’m helping you pick up the toys because your supposed to obey first time” or something like that. I don’t feel like...

First Time. 29

First Time.

There are a lot of parenting styles out that there following the “no discipline” train of focus. Or the “freedom” focus. The type of mindset that setting rules and boundaries too early can stifle personality development and teach your child to accept authority without ever challenging it. Parents with these tendencies seem to think that’s a bad thing: Teaching your child not to challenge authority. I, on the other hand, teach them that if they challenge it – they’ll eat dog food for a week. I guess I want my children to grow up to challenge authority if it goes...