Look! My Cat’s Famous!


I was browsing my Daily Chuck when I noticed a familiar face on the same page. My cat! Bambi! Looking all dapper as usual. When I first saw that Dooce was being sponsored by the HP Wetpaint Wiki, I signed up like a good lemming. I uploaded a couple of pictures of my animals (like this one) and then immediately got confused. I wasn’t sure what I was doing or what was the point. I’m kinda slow. BUT – my pictures are still there, of course. And I guess being used in an ad?

I know – not a big deal. But I thought it was cool and I know there are at least a few of you out there who will smile when you see that ad now and think, “Dude. That’s Zoot’s cat. Hanging out with Chuck.”


Op. Pa. Puss.

NikkiZ’s verbal development has grown exponentially the last few weeks. It’s like she suddenly went from speaking word we didn’t understand to holding conversations. Of course, I’m still needed for interpretation sometimes, but she’s really come a long way in a short amount of time.

Last night we were playing with an ABC Animal puzzle and she was doing a great job picking out certain animals and then doing the sound/motion associated with them. I thought I’d document it since it’s so awesome. She took that chance to make a fool out of me but be hilariously cute in the process. This is a long video because I was determined to get her doing her “Elephant” or “Monkey” – which she never really does. But hopefully you’ll still find it entertaining. A few things to note:

  • She gets a little scared when the dogs start barking. She’ll dart quickly into the closest lap when they do it. She’s very fast. It’s an impressive talent.
  • Try to resist melting when she euphorically proclaims “Daddy’s Home!”
  • Suddenly every animal in the world goes “ROWR!”
  • She is obsessed with the word Octopus for one reason and one reason only: She knows it cracks my ass up.
  • My dogs are a little pushy and annoying.
  • I have ugly socks partnered with equally ugly pajamas. I’m sorry.

Octopus: Edited from zoot on Vimeo.