What shall we do????

Miss Alli just said the words nobody wants to hear. But, the words we all (those of us keeping tabs on the WGA strike) kinda thought were coming. This strike? Looks like it’s going to be a long one: Settle in, folks; I think it’s going to summer. Once positions begin to harden like this, […]


The circus last night was So. Much. Fun. NikkiZ was a little overwhelmed, but mainly because it started at 7pm and that’s her bedtime. She got a little nervous about the trapeze artists as she seems to have an inherent fear of heights. She would actually cover her eyes. But she was amazed by the […]

links for 2007-11-30

Jennifer Love Hewitt Engaged at Hollywood.com Good for her! She has become my new favorite celebrity after a decade of hating her, but I hope nothing for the best for her now. Teen Girls Shocked To Learn That Perfect Women Aren’t So Perfect More cool stuff from Dove. After school self-esteem programs with young celebrities. […]