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It’s a huge milestone for a mother 10

It’s a huge milestone for a mother

Guess what LilZ asked me to do this week? Come on…guess. He asked me to serve refreshments at his upcoming school dance. As in…he has no problem with me being at the school dance. He doesn’t think I’m too embarrassing to ask to help out. He has no fear of the pain I could inflict by attending such an event. He’s not worried I’ll bring along naked pictures (of him, not me) or tell embarrassing stories. He’s even grateful I’ll do it because evidently there’s some sort of drama and if they don’t get enough volunteers something tragic will happen....

What shall we do???? 47

What shall we do????

Miss Alli just said the words nobody wants to hear. But, the words we all (those of us keeping tabs on the WGA strike) kinda thought were coming. This strike? Looks like it’s going to be a long one: Settle in, folks; I think it’s going to summer. Once positions begin to harden like this, even more than they already were, you’re not going in the direction you want to be going. Man. This sucks. I’m hooked on new television and I’m not one of those people who just loves reality TV. I like some of it, but as a...

Now for the canines (let’s try this again) 14

Now for the canines (let’s try this again)

Now it’s time for the other side of the coin. This is Cisco. MrZ bought him as a puppy a couple years before we met. Cisco is a Boston Terrier and has several medical conditions that make him the most pitiful family member. He shakes a lot and has seizures, although they’ve reduced greatly since we now live in a house with no stairs. He has bad knees and his teeth are too small. This means his tongue is almost always hanging out. He is MrZ’s first baby, but he loves everyone. Unless you dance. Or hug. He doesn’t like...

TGIF! 12


The circus last night was So. Much. Fun. NikkiZ was a little overwhelmed, but mainly because it started at 7pm and that’s her bedtime. She got a little nervous about the trapeze artists as she seems to have an inherent fear of heights. She would actually cover her eyes. But she was amazed by the whole event. The clowns didn’t phase her much, but they look a lot less freaky than they did when I was a kid. They look more like characters on TV I guess, it’s hard to explain. Now – the elephants? Were her favorite. Every time...

links for 2007-11-30 5

links for 2007-11-30

Jennifer Love Hewitt Engaged at Good for her! She has become my new favorite celebrity after a decade of hating her, but I hope nothing for the best for her now. Teen Girls Shocked To Learn That Perfect Women Aren’t So Perfect More cool stuff from Dove. After school self-esteem programs with young celebrities. Love it.