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links for 2007-12-29 5

links for 2007-12-29

Baby, Baby: Twin Sisters Get Double Dose of Good News :: Man. This is one of the coolest Infertility Success stories I’ve ever heard

How many calendars will you buy this year? 39

How many calendars will you buy this year?

If you’ll recall, I have quite an addiction to calendars. I bought another one several months ago, swearing it would last me until 2009. I should not even bother faking that type of calendar loyalty. The first moment I thought about the stacks and piles of 50% off calendars post-Christmas? I knew I’d be buying a new one. How could I resist? Have you seen the calendars on those tables? They’re all new! And blank! And needing to be bought and written upon! So I did it. I actually bought two. One for my desk at work which has antique...

Can I Steal Your Resolutions? 17

Can I Steal Your Resolutions?

I’m seriously considering doing some sort of Resolution List this year. I’m not a big fan of the list of specifics (excercise 3 times a week, lose 20lbs, read a book a month, etc.) because they are too constricting and therefore very easy for me to screw up. I’m thinking of some general resolutions like: Walk Sweetie More. I know she is one of those dogs that would benefit from Cesar Millan’s basic principal of the benefits of daily walks. I think it would chill her out and possibly keep her from losing her damn mind whenever anyone knocks on...

links for 2007-12-28 3

links for 2007-12-28

Fox helps itself to photo of blogger’s dog – Boing Boing Dude. Tracey’s FAMOUS. For bloggers, on-line ads beckon – I see this article and don’t think about the money my blog could earn, but instead I think about how yummy the food in the picture looks.

Maybe we shouldn’t have any more children… 12

Maybe we shouldn’t have any more children…

We accidentally taught NikkiZ a new trick last week. We taught her to spank her own butt. And she thinks it’s quite funny. We were just joking around with her saying, “We’re going to spank your bottom!” when she turned the tables on us and smacked her rear-end saying, “I smack my own bottom.” Which, of course, got all of use cracking up. So – MrZ, LilZ, and I – we all started smacking our own butts as well saying things like, “I’m gonna’ spank my own bottom too!” It was cracking her up and I think she came the...