We don’t say douchebag.

Our family has always been in the habit of making up words or phrases to Goof-i-fy our lives. My husband does it the most often, as he was the one who started adding “-pants” on the end of any adjective to indicate an EXTREME AMOUNT of that descriptor. Like, “That song is crappy-pants.” Or, “You […]

Night One Out Of The Crib

Well – about 7:30pm last night – NikkiZ asked to go to bed on her Diego sheets. She does ask to go to be sometimes, but we thought that was a good step towards a successful night in her non-jail bed. We all three tucked her in to celebrate the big moment. She didn’t seem […]

A girl and her new sheets.

We’ve been busy today moving NikkiZ’s stuff into the BIG bedroom so we can paint for LilZ to take over the smaller bedroom. Since chaos is going to reign over this transition in the next few weeks (we paint this weekend) we decided we might as well take her out of the crib amidst the […]