Hi! Remember me?

Do you know that I have never taken a blogging “break” since the day I started this blog? Not an official one anyway. That must show you how sick I was/am — my blog was even neglected! Anyway – I’m alive. I’m by no means 100% and I won’t catch up with emails or announcing […]

Sick Leave

It’s 4:13am and I’ve essentially been up all night. AGAIN. This is day 2 of my antibiotics but so far my cough is getting worse. It is now associated with violent spasms and headaches. I’m supposed to give this Z-pack a full run (5 days. Or is it 6? I have no idea.) before I […]

Regarding Emails

I’ve gotten a few emails lately about two different topics. I thought I’d address them for everyone to read! Yes, MrZ is growing his hair out. I think it started as a “punishment” type of thing to himself for not running the marathon this year he had intended to run. He is saying he won’t […]