The Non-Existent Rules In Our Home

There has been a lot of discussion around the intraweb about what parents will and will not let their kids watch for entertainment. I thought I’d chime in to share my “rules” for LilZ. Except that there really aren’t any. But, before I get into that, let me give a little background on those regulations […]

Toddler Fashion

I fear my daughter has inherited my horrible sense of fashion. This picture is what happens when she dresses herself. Including the stickers. And for the record? There were no pants in this outfit. Now, I will say that I (usually) wear pants when I dress myself, but for the most part? Her clothing choices […]

I Love Being Pregnant

My OBGYN’s office has a nurse’s station that surrounds the two bathrooms used by patients to deliver samples through the windows. In other words, these bathrooms are pretty monitored. Which is why I shouldn’t have spent 10 minutes trying to lock the door when giving my own sample yesterday. BUT – I have an extreme […]

Best Shot Monday

I took a crapload of photos this weekend. A lot of photos where NikkiZ is truly enjoying herself and laughing at something. So, it was very hard to choose one for Best Shot Monday. After not getting rained out at Panoply this weekend, I thought I’d let NikkiZ run through some fountains downtown. I assumed […]