The Middle Child.

So, my daughter is adjusting well. Several have asked if there’s any jealousy issues, and I say there’s no way because she just adores him too much. And she’s not regressing or anything (yet?) wanting to be more like a baby. However, she is demanding a lot more attention by crying over Every. Little. Tragedy. […]

A Little Clarification…

Sometimes I write blog entries and casually mention things that I forget to re-visit later with in more detail. For example: The last entry referencing my daughter’s near-death incident. NikkiZ and I were on the couch this morning, and I was nursing AndyZ. I had just put down our plates of biscuits on the coffee […]

One Week.

It’s been 7 days since I was sliced and diced and AndyZ introduced himself to our family. I will celebrate this with my favorite posting style: The Bulleted List. How I’m Doing One Week Later Nursing is still painful, although the bleeding has stopped. I’m not crying when the latching begins, and as the feeding […]

Once again with the excess drama…

I’m afraid my last post may have given the wrong impression of my recovery. It is actually going surprisingly well. Much quicker than with NikkiZ. Since I came home, I’ve kept up with most of my normal activity (laundry, cooking, etc.) just fine, I’m just doing it a little gingerly – I guess is the […]