Storytime — as told by NikkiZ

This is the story my daughter just told me over breakfast: Once upon a time, there was a little boy. His name was Brother. He was sitting in a trip and he would SLAP his hand on the branches. And sometimes shoot bad guys. And hangout with the birds. Can I ride in the rocket […]

Warning to my husband

I started a project yesterday that I have been referring to as The Project That Made Call A Friend For Advice About Finding A Therapist. I decided to re-do the photo hall completely. As in – take ALL of the photos and frames down and put a completely new set (of photos AND frames) up […]

This Face Causes Me Much Pain

Do you know what this face is? This is NikkiZ’s I’m-Doing-Something-I-Shouldn’t-Be Face. For example, if she smacked LilZ in the face and then I say, “Did you just hit LilZ?” She’ll make this face and say, “Yeah.” Or she’ll make it as she’s saying something she know she shouldn’t be. I asked her to give […]

And another thing…

My newfound love for Joss Whedon (Why did I resist Buffy and Angel for so long?) has led me to this gem. A trailer for his new online project that stars Neil Patrick Harris. Another love of mine. If this doesn’t look hysterical, I don’t know what does. Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on […]