Migraines and Poop Don’t Mix.

I had a serious headache yesterday. I made everyone keep the lights off around the house and I discussed a plan with LilZ to duct-tape NikkiZ’s mouth shut. For some reason, he thought that might be cruel and recommended I just stay in bed while he entertained her on the other side of the house. […]

Things I Want To Remember When I’m Old And Bitter

What? Isn’t this Slipping and Sliding? NikkiZ has picked up several interesting conversational mannerisms lately. If, of course, by “interesting” I mean “adorable as hell.” Her language is really developing and she’s starting to use words and phrases that sound hysterical coming out of such a small mouth. For example? She suddenly loves the word […]

That’s right – I said TWO.

I’ve been very busy the last few days, as demonstrated by my lack of posting. We have a friend from Seattle in town, LilZ came back from his trip out west (I’m shocked he even willingly got on the plane to come home he had so much fun), we had to go school supply shopping […]