Maybe Next Year I’ll Shower

I’m not bored, but I’m extremely pissed off that I forgot cornbread mix at the grocery store so instead of writing about that, I’ll do this. A year ago I had a 12-year-old and a 1-and-a-half year old. I had just returned from BlogHer where my post-miscarriage period had turned me into a troll. Of […]

Best Hand-Me-Down EVAH.

The above dress was given as a hand-me-down from my friend Stacey’s daughter to NikkiZ. It’s a little big for her, but it just makes it look a bit more formal as it hangs all the way to the floor, making her feel even more like a princess than she would if it fit. She […]

Miscellany Motherhood

My daughter is currently watching Yo! Gabba! Gabba! (Hate!) while spilling oatmeal all over the floor and my son (the small one) is currently pooping loud enough that it woke up the dogs. My life is so glamorous I don’t know what to do with myself. We’ve been visiting with my Mom who is in […]

Just Curious…

Anyone else kinda in the mood to kick their feed reader in the ass for constantly reminding them that they are NOT at BlogHer but everyone else is? I’m tempted to unsubscribe to certain blogs just so I can avoid all of the “OMG. BlogHer Is So Awesome!” entries. Sob.