What Would You Do?

We’ve never owned a swing. I had a hand-me-down swing for LilZ (the kind that cranked, remember those?) and he HATED it. So, it was an investment I considered pointless for NikkiZ. Since we just used all of NikkiZ’s hand-me-downs for AndyZ, he didn’t get one either. He had never even been in one before…until […]

Stepping Out of My Safety Zone

Four years ago, I voted for Kerry. That’s about it. I was really wanting him to win, of course. But I didn’t think there was a chance in hell and other than walking in and casting my vote – I didn’t really do or say much else. I barely even followed the campaigns. MrZ ordered […]

The Good Daughter

They’re singing AndyZ to sleep. It didn’t work. Go figure. We hung out with Aardvarks last night and it was loads of fun. I was worried because NikkiZ can be – well – kinda evil at times. She’s not keen on sharing and she likes to yell at people and throw things in frustration. Or […]