Random Bits Of Housekeeping

I have finally updated my about page. It now mentions that I have three kids instead of two and no longer tells the saga of my layoff. It’s all very real now, and doesn’t read like someone else’s life. Of course – that meant I also had to update my MySpace page and my Facebook […]

Working Girl

Since I’ve gone back to work after my maternity leave, I’ve noticed some significant changes in my routine. Besides – you know – going to work. I stay up later. Now, I wouldn’t have predicted this effect because I’m waking up much earlier – 4:30am on a good morning. It turns out, I’ve started saving […]

It Starts Tonight…

I’m considering tonight the beginning of the FALL TV Season because my late-to-catch onto fave Greek returns to ABC Family. I didn’t start watching it until after the writer’s strike ended and I loved it so much I bought the first half of the season on DVD to watch this summer. I’m so happy it’s […]