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This Blogger Chooses To Humiliate Herself In The Name Of Charity 18

This Blogger Chooses To Humiliate Herself In The Name Of Charity

Do you have a stack of yearbooks lying around the house at all? Mine were stashed in a chest in our room and going through them for this entry was one of the first times they’ve been opened since I graduated in 1993. Flipping through them was so much fun, and I even hated large chunks of high school. Still – great memories came flooding back, with the pictures and the words. This stack brought me many smiles tonight. Even if you don’t have a stack of yearbooks, chances are the yearbooks were there for you to buy in high...

Teenagers will be Teenagers 15

Teenagers will be Teenagers

Sometimes I realize that I may not be completely honest in my depiction of my oldest child. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the guy is completely awesome in every way. But – I neglect to tell the typical stories that parents of teenagers have – so sometimes it seems like he’s just too perfect. I don’t tell those stories because I have too much respect for him and don’t want him to one day ask me to take this site down. And then I’d have to choose between my blog and my child. And that’s not a good place...

It’s All About The Blog Fodder 24

It’s All About The Blog Fodder

LilZ and I saw this at the grocery store the other day and we spent our time in line discussing the bizarreness of such a cover story. I mean, “The secrets she tells her dolls”? REALLY? What the hell? My favorite was jaclarke21′s comment on flickr that said, “I wonder how much they had to pay the dolls to rat her out?” SERIOUSLY. As I took the picture with my cell phone, the lady behind me was just looking at me very oddly. You could tell she had no idea why I would be taking a picture of a magazine....

This is not political — just AWESOME. 18

This is not political — just AWESOME.

This entry serves no other purpose but to make you smile. Hopefully. I think you can appreciate how cute this is even if you’re voting for McCain. You know you want one of your own.

Parenting Highs 11

Parenting Highs

These are photos of my kids from the culture parade their school had on Friday. AndyZ is wearing a hat made of the American flag and the German flag as that is his predominate lineage. I think. It’s the predominate lineage of MrZ and there’s some German in me somewhere – so I made the call to use German when asked his heritage. NikkiZ’s class was in charge of Ireland, but they’ve been without a teacher for almost two weeks so their “costumes” weren’t that detailed. Some of the classes had shirts and hats and even props to carry in...